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2019 Launch Details



Where is the best place to watch the fireworks?

On July 6th a first-ever multi-location launch site will dramatically improve the visual effect of the 2019 Lake Wawasee fireworks celebration but require some knowledge on where best to watch the show.

Thanks to donor support, the WPOA has increased the number of barges in its fleet from eight to ten, adding two new heavy-duty barges. The growth in floating square feet will support separating the barges into three clusters to form a triangle on the water. The multi-location triangle configuration improves the reliability of the show, increases safety and will significantly enhance the visual effects of the annual Independence Day celebration.

Midway through the 2018 firework display, there was an unplanned 23-minute pause. The cause of this pause was a melted main ignition cable, an effect of a small fire on one of the barges. To finish the show a new cable had to be run, but only after the professional crew was able to extinguish the fire.

One of the main benefits of separating the launch location for a show of Wawasee’s size is reliability. By distributing the pyrotechnics across several more square-feet, there will be an increased physical distance between shells, especially fountain type product that can cause small fires. More space equals less chance of an issue with ignition wiring.

Another benefit is the added safety provided by three launch sites surrounded by water. Each barge cluster is a contained unit that will allow the crew even more control over the show.

The final benefit is the stunning visual effect that is the result of a multi-location pyrotechnic show. Few Independence Day shows can boast about being a multi-location shoot, and now Wawasee is among an exclusive few. This year the synchronized music will be complemented by choreographed magic dancing across the lake. However, one thing the audience will need to know is where best to watch the show.

Unlike in past years, there will be two “fronts” to the Wawasee Fireworks. The best place to watch the show will be from one of two fronts. Front A located on the Southeast side of the launch site and Front B located on the Northwest. The green area of the diagram designates the best viewing from the water. Of course, a view from any angle will offer an experience like no other.

The WPOA is still seeking monetary donations to the 2019 Fireworks Fund. The annual show is 100% funded by tax-deductible contributions.


The event is carefully choreographed to music and being able to hear is just as important as being able to see.  WAWC Willie 103.5 will play the soundtrack for this year's show.  Be sure to tune in for the full experience!


Lake Wawasee Fireworks: Saturday, July 6th at 10:15 pm

Greetings friends, neighbors and fellow members of the WPOA,

This note is my opportunity to ask you to support our annual Independence Day celebration.  

As you select your favorite family and friends to join you for your 2019 Fourth of July party, please remember to include a contribution to our spectacular annual FIREWORKS display.  Your Fourth of July celebration would not involve a fantastic show of fire in the sky without your ongoing tax-deductible monetary donation.  The WPOA dedicates 100% of all gifts to the Fireworks Fund to your annual fireworks display.  There is no other source of funding than you.  

Each shell, every burst, and all cheers have WPOA Fireworks donors to thank. 

Your 2019 Fireworks display will take place Saturday, July 6th at 10:15 pm.  Willie 103.5 will broadcast the choreographed music to the show. Please tune in and prepare to cheer for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

You may visit this page to donate.  Thank you for supporting the best display of patriotism in Indiana, your Lake Wawasee Fourth of July Fireworks!


Christopher Campbell, pier 342
WPOA Fireworks Chair


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