2017 Wawasee Fireworks Recap - Great Show!

The 2017 show went off without a hitch.  Over 500 boats enjoyed from the water and tens of thousands of people watched from the shoreline.  

The WAWASEE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION would like to thank the following people for their help producing the 2017 Lake Wawasee Independence Day Fireworks Celebration:

  • Derek and his crew with Total Property Care Landscaping for hauling seven heavy obstinate barges around the lake multiple times - right past the sandbar.

  • Kerry Rookstool and Rookstools Pier Company for their continued donation of time, barge repair and use of equipment.

  • Doug & Carolyn Anderson with the Wawasee Boat Company for keeping our dear barges safe 361 days out of the year.

  • Dericke Lavoine and the Indiana DNR for their support with permits, use of the public park for loading product and never giving me a ticket.

  • Ken Troutman and the WPOA Sheriff Patrol for preventing random dumb a-- boaters from creeping in too close to the exploding barges.

  • John Stump and Main Channel Marina for dropping a donated brand new pontoon in the water and filling it with gas for use as a fireworks work boat and official WPOA fireworks launch boat.

  • Chris Cage and Willie 103.5 for donating 25 minutes of their precious radio air time to broadcast our soundtrack.

  • Michael Cartolano Jr. and the amazing team at Melrose Pyrotechnics for designing a fantastic show, safely launching eight 10" shells and for the pre-show entertainment... "would you look at that?"

  • And most importantly a "this wouldn't happen without you" thank you to the WPOA fireworks donors of beautiful Lake Wawasee. (donate here!)

Also, special thanks to Lou Siri for the close-up video, www.wawascene.com for their webcam footage and Kelly Burden for her photo.

Now we look forward to 2018!

100% of the funds that pay for Wawasee fireworks come from Lake Wawasee homeowners like you and me.  Please take a moment and help support our annual celebration by donating.  Let's make 2018 bigger and better.


Chris Campbell, Pier 342
WPOA Board Member, Fireworks Chairman

P.S. Did you know our show is bigger than Navy Pier's?